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As a parent or guardian, sometimes it’s difficult to know what level of support is best for your daughter. While wellness coaches and therapists share the common goal of enhancing the well-being and outcomes of their clients, deciding which is the best fit for your daughter depends on her individual needs and goals.  Here is a general overview of the primary differences:

THERAPY is best for your daughter if she:

  • is struggling with dysfunction related to psychological issues, concerns, or symptoms that interfere with daily tasks.

  • needs help alleviating pain or distress related to specific disorders or illnesses.

  • is looking for a mental health professional to help her overcome past trauma.

  • wants to focus on issues from the past.

  • is looking for specific advice, opinions, and solutions.

  • needs psychological testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

WELLNESS COACHING is best for your daughter if she:

  • is able to function and accomplish daily tasks.

  • wants to set and achieve higher goals, improve relationships, performance, or overall satisfaction.

  • is considered psychologically healthy and able to cope with typical life challenges.

  • is looking for someone to help facilitate the next level of growth,  advancement, or change.

  • needs help building competencies and developing her own solutions.

  • wants to focus on the present and future through action-oriented steps to achieve progress, growth, and greater resourcefulness.

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