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J.O.Y. empowers teenage girls to be comfortable in their own skin and able to navigate the challenges of their youth through mentoring and wellness coaching.

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Do you remember your teenage years? I do, and for me they were tough!  Girl drama, body image issues, competition with sports, mean girls, clothing trends, academic expectations, and of course, boys!  Although I had amazing parents, I didn’t always feel like they would understand what I was going through.  If I’m being honest, it was a brutal time for me. So much so that I devoted my life to working with teens and pre-teens to help them through the time that was so difficult for me. 

I founded J.O.Y. (Journey Of Youth) after over 30 years of working with teens as a teacher, coach, mentor, assistant principal and principal.  What I saw over and over again working in K-12 Education is the need to empower our girls and build resiliency. Nike and Dove have run campaigns attempting to show females how strong and powerful they can be.  Unfortunately, our girls look to social media for their image of beauty and judge themselves based on false and unattainable standards. They struggle to see their own beauty or believe in their ability to achieve personal greatness. 

Most educators agree that the number one concern in education right now is the mental well-being of our kids. Over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in isolation for most of our teens.  Our kids had more interaction with screens and less with people, more time on social media, and less time with friends and family and this isolation had a terrible impact on our youth.  Our kids are struggling.

Our teenage girls need to build emotional strength and resiliency so that they have the tools to navigate the challenges of life and achieve their dreams.  Through mentoring and wellness coaching, your daughter will build confidence, achieve her goals, and overcome the tough times that life can throw at her.

What parents & teens are saying...

"My daughter has always struggled with self-esteem and being comfortable with herself. I feel Liz has given her confidence.  She makes her feel important and that she is perfect the way she is. She has expressed to me that Liz makes her feel like she can be anything she wants to be."

- Carrie (Mother of 13 year old)


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