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4 Reasons Why Wellness Coaching Would Benefit Your Daughter

Does your daughter see herself for the beautiful, strong, amazing young woman that she is? So often our girls see themselves through the lens of social media and they don’t recognize all of the remarkable attributes that make them special, unique, and magnificent. A wellness coach can help your daughter see herself from a different, more positive perspective and develop the skills needed to bridge the gap between who she is today and who she has the capacity to become.

#1 Increased Self-Confidence

The number one area most of our teenage girls struggle with is their self-confidence. Although this looks different for every girl, it can manifest as low self-esteem, a negative body image, overuse of social media, isolation, anger, apathy, overeating, and even substance abuse.

Giving your daughter a safe place to talk through her feelings is essential. Through wellness coaching, she will develop positive ways to build emotional strength and resiliency while developing the tools she needs to navigate the challenges she experiences on a daily basis.

#2 Healthier Friendships

Research has shown that the quality of your daughter’s friendships can actually lead to more success later in life. Unfortunately, girls don’t always choose their friends for the right reasons or may not have close friendships at all. Your daughter's friends may be that of convenience like family friends or kids from your neighborhood, connected to a shared purpose like a sports team, club, or youth group, or simply out of the desire to fit into the “right” crowd.

Although great friendships can develop from these situations, the goal is for your daughter to recognize and create strong friendships based on similarities in thoughts, beliefs, and shared interests. Your daughter’s friends must encourage and support her rather than demean and hurt her. A good wellness coach will help your daughter really look at her friendships and identify why she is hanging out with certain people. She will also help empower your daughter to really assess her friendships and address, or sometimes end, toxic relationships.

#3 Anxiety Reduction

Everyone experiences anxious moments. Anxiety is the normal response to stressful or uncomfortable situations and there is an incredible victory for your daughter when she can overcome a difficult problem. Through wellness coaching, your daughter will learn specific tools to help her deal with these anxious moments. She will acquire mindfulness strategies and develop effective self-care techniques so she can overcome the day-to-day stressors that can stand in the way of her reaching her full potential.

Note: If your daughter experiences severe, debilitating anxiety or has an anxiety disorder, it is essential to get support from a medical professional. To learn more about whether therapy or coaching is best for your daughter, please click here.

#4 Greater Motivation and Goal Setting

Many teens struggle with setting and following through on goals. By nature, teens are often impulsive and don’t take the time to objectively organize their thoughts and focus on ways to grow and improve. Effective goal setting can help your daughter increase her motivation and build perseverance.

Through coaching, your daughter will develop weekly goals. These goals can be on a variety of topics including staying on top of school work, practicing better self-care (eating healthy or getting more sleep), balancing commitments, achieving athletic objectives, and more. No matter what types of goals your daughter chooses, the focus is always on helping her close the gap between where she is right now and where she wants to be.

If you want your daughter to build confidence, achieve her goals, and overcome the tough times that life can throw at her, wellness coaching could be a great option. J.O.Y. empowers teenage girls to be comfortable in their own skin and able to navigate the challenges of their youth. Check out J.O.Y. Teen Mentoring and Wellness Coaching to learn more about available programs for your daughter.

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